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The girl with a pearl earring

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original title

Meisje met de parel Often called the ‘Dutch Mona Lisa’

The artwork




Oil, canvas

Dutch Golden Age painting
Portrait, tronie
44.5 cm x 39 cm


The artist

Jan (Johan) Vermeer van Delft

October 31, 1632


Where to see it

The Mauritshuis Museum​

Why we love it

Known as the “Mona Lisa of the North”, this painting represents the best of Dutch art. It is one of the most famous portraits in the history of art, although it is not a portrait, but what is known as tronie, a typical pictorial genre of the Netherlands from the seventeenth century that means “face” or “sample”, and that consists in the simple representation of the face of an anonymous person to demonstrate the skill of an artist.
In the simple lines of the famous pendant, we see that Vermeer is a master of illusion and effect.
It is not known who the young woman is, and little is known about Vermeer, who only painted 36 works in his life, but he liked ultramarine blue, the most expensive pigment that existed in his time, because it was made with a mineral that was found in the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli.

The painting was not always so famous, at one point it was bought by a collector for less than $ 1, but today in the Mauritshuis Museum, it is priceless, it has inspired a millionaire-selling novel, and later a movie was made.

This is just our small contribution, your curiosity can do the rest.


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