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The Kiss

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original title

Der Kuss

The artwork




Oil, canvas

Art Nouveau
Painting, nature
180 x 180 cm


The artist

Gustav Klimt

July 14, 1862


Where to see it

The Belvedere Gallerie

"All art is erotic."
Gustav Klimt

Why we love it

This is the most famous painting of the painter, from his ‘golden age’, when he incorporated gold leaf to his oil paintings, creating the style that characterizes him, with characteristics of the Art Nouveau of Vienna (Vienna Jugendstil), Arts & Crafts and the influence of Byzantine mosaics.

At the time that Gustav Klimt’s career was in decline due to his works on erotic themes and nudes, but even so, the painting was so liked that it was bought unfinished and at the time a record-breaking amount was paid, about 240,000 US dollars today.

Today it is invaluable, the Austrians consider it a national treasure, and a 100 euro coin has even been issued with its image.

This is the first time, Klimt introduces a male figure, as he focused mainly on female portraits, and it is believed that it may be a self-portrait with one of his lovers.

The work impresses when seen in person, because the big size, the glitter and gold, or its sensuality and oriental touches, each one can value it however they want, which makes it one of the most reproduced and valued paintings of the History.

This is just our small contribution, your curiosity can do the rest.


Kiss me

Kiss me baby one more time

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