The artwork


Flower thrower

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Original title

Rage, Flower Thrower or Love Is In The Air




Media: Stencil and spray paint on wall
Dimensions:  –
Style: Street art
Genre: Graffiti

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The Story

why we love it

Everything that refers to the artist Bansky is surrounded by mystery and fascination, this piece is probably one of the best known, highlighted in his book “Wall and Peace” (2005). The image can be seen in Jerusalem, on an unknown façade in an unremarkable location, today overlaid with Plexiglas for preservation. The location is particularly prominent for the meaning of the image: peace.

Using graffiti to communicate, Banksy presents us with social and political issues that should concern us, making us think and reflect on issues that are sometimes uncomfortable for us and that we avoid.

As a curiosity, to know that Bansky has fought in court for the copyright of this work against a postcard company, but the courts have denied him the rights because, having his hidden identity, he cannot prove his authorship.

This is just our small contribution, your curiosity can do the rest.
Enjoy learning!

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