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Painterly Architectonic

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Painterly Architectonic




Media: Oil on linen burlap
Dimensions:  70.5 x 70.5 cm
Classification: Paintings
Style: Constructivism
Genre: Abstract

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The Story

why we love it

Lyubov Popova was a radical multimedia artist and designer who, together with other great Russian artists such as Kasimir Malevich, Alexandr Rodchenko or El Lissitzky, managed to synthesize art, industry and politics, uniting creative disciplines and different artistic movements, from Futurism, Suprematism and Constructivism.

Popova was a woman who transformed from living as a well-to-do bourgeois to being a creative pioneer, crossing disciplines and integrating art and industry. She was a painter, graphic artist, theater set designer, textile designer, teacher, and art theorist.

Popova is today a model of a visionary woman artist, who believed that art should reflect the industrial and egalitarian future, art should be practical, accessible and reproducible.
Her work is very recognizable and emblematic of the revolutionary style of Russian art at the time.

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